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The olive tree is undoubtedly a symbol of the Mediterranean region. Its culture goes back ages in the ancient history. It was first brought to Tunisia from the Middle East by the ancient Phoenicians, known as founders of Carthage. Than throughout the Mediterranean history, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and all civilisations have been passing the cultivation know-how from one generation to the other.
Tunisia is now one of the largest producers of olive oil offering multiple local varieties such as Chemlali, Weslati and Chetoui. And the world leading producer of organic olive . Nichen olive oil is produced by The Tunisian Company of Modern Agriculture (SOTAM), a farming company within SOROUBAT holding. There is no doubt about Nichen’s genuine features as it originates in the century-old domain named ‘Domaine El Bey’, an olive grove cradled in the small country of Faja, in the region of Zaghouan where the production of high quality olive oil is an ancestral tradition.
SOTAM company was founded in 2000. It is a daughter company of the industrial and farming holding "SOROUBAT GROUP". It specializes in the production, storage and conditioning of fresh fruit , vegetables and olives. The company manages its own fields and olive groves that stretch over 2,500 acres.

Our Strengths

Our Domaine

There is no doubt about Nichen’s genuine features as it originates in the century-old domain named ‘Domaine El Bey’, an olive grove cradled in the small country of Faja, in the region of Zaghouan where the production of high quality olive oil is an ancestral tradition
Domaine El Bey’s grove benefits from ideal conditions for producing exceptional olive oil. This site steeped in history and tradition, dating back to the Bey’s dynasty era. It’s creating a sensory and cultural experience that celebrates the richness of Tunisia's olive oil tradition.
Anchored in Tunisia's rich heritage, this domaine embodies the enduring legacy of olive cultivation in the region. Its olive groves bear the marks of a long lineage of agricultural expertise passed down through generations.
The cultivation methods, infused with Belycale traditions, often reflect a reverence for nature and sustainable agricultural practices.

Fully integrated value chain

To earn customers' trust , SOTAM set a production system that helps the company master the whole value chain from olive production to olive oil bottling, In fact, the NICHEN olive oil brand, originates in our own olive groves , is milled, stored and bottled in our own conditioning unit.
A fully integrated value chain in olive oil production refers to a comprehensive and interconnected system that covers every stage of the process, from olive cultivation to the final delivery of the product to consumers. This approach involves streamlining and optimizing each step of the production cycle to ensure efficiency, quality, and traceability.


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"Thanks to all these strengths, SOTAM goes beyond trust.​"

A success story : Noureddine Hachicha

Noureddine Hachicha, a distinguished entrepreneur, stands out for his unwavering passion for agriculture and the olive tree. He has strategically embraced diversification by expanding his activities beyond public works to include the field of agriculture.

Hailing from Sakiet Ezzit in Sfax, the cradle of olive groves and oil mills in Tunisia. Inherited from his father, Hachicha's agricultural legacy is deeply rooted in the rich tradition of cultivating olives in this region. He has dedicated a significant part of his career to merging his entrepreneurial spirit with his love for the land. His commitment to sustainable agriculture and the promotion of the olive tree as a vital economic resource is exemplary.

Our History


Foundation of SOTAM's company with 40 acres of olive's trees.


Extension of Olive plantations over than 100 acres.


Acquisition of new farms in the governorate of Beja with 70 acres.


Purchase and planting of other lands in the governorate of Zaghouan 200 acres.


Installation of 3 oil mills in the different production sites


Extension of olive tree plantations of more than 350 acres.


Establishment of a cutting edge olive oil bottling unit


Installation of a type B physicochemical analysis laboratory with a modern tasting room which meets the requirements of COI standards.


Continuation of planting olive trees (+150 ha) and obtaining global Quality certificates FSSC 22000 / ISO 9001


Working on certifications for the most demanding markets, BRC and IFS